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HERE’S SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT | Zhuzhing your design for the Year of the Rooster


Happy New Year, creative paper lovers!

We are almost clear of the hyperactive energy of the Monkey (anyone else a little knackered from 2016?) and there are some interesting things happening in the design world to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster. Vans, the streetwear brand, have released six new shoe silhouettes by Shanghai-based designer Kim Kiroic. Not to be outdone, Converse have release a Year of the Rooster apparel and footwear featuring a rooster feather motif and red lace tips. Dior released a rooster bracelet, and you can get some rooster-themed unmentionables from Calvin Klein.

However, in the year that is supposed inspire maximum integrity, perhaps designer froufrou is not quite enough. Enter, the inflatable rooster balloon produced out of China that, as happenstance would have it, coincidentally resembles Donald Trump that has gone viral on the internet.

The Rooster should be a fashionable year. He’s a stylish character, who excels in elegance and charm, a tad cocky, one might say. Nevertheless, it’s not all frivolity, Roosters are hardworking and punctual so don’t expect 2017 to be a feet-up year… as if we hadn’t already figured that out!

For those of you looking to create something special to celebrate this lunar New Year, Watermarx is right now printing some beautiful, colourful designs and sprucing up money envelopes.

It’s the Fire Rooster’s year, so put a bit of shimmer and shine on your artwork. Flaunt a little! We can help breathe fresh 2017 vitality and style into your designs with envelopes, postcards and invites with:

  • Foil stamping in gold
  • Letterpress printing in gold
  • Embossing feather or rooster motifs
  • …or whatever your imagination can muster!

Just give us a call and we can talk through the possibilities together.

Here’s to a year that delivers you wealth, health and happiness. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Posted by watermarx on the 18th of January 2017

Three Awards & Counting for Gmund/Cox Architects Sydney Invitation

gmund_referenz_sydney_3_0We received an email this week from our friends at Gmund Paper in Germany letting us know that they have featured the Cox Architects Sydney invitation on their website. The website showcases the best projects from around the world that use Gmund stock.

“You Are Here”, the invitation we printed on Gmund Cotton, has continued to claim accolades around Australia and the world. We’re pleased it has caught the attention of our European friends!

Read all about it here.

Posted by watermarx on the 26th of June 2016

Another win for CLIQX! Silver & Bronze at 2016 Media Super National Print Awards

National-Print-Awards-976-607_942x586What a year it has been for CLIQX and we’re not even half way!  Australia’s leading print industry award show, the 2016 Media Super National Print Awards took place in Melbourne this month and saw another two awards going to CLIQX crafted print pieces. Watermarx scooped a silver for the Cox Architecture Sydney invitation which is collecting accolades internationally! Again, the beautiful embossing result that CLIQX technology achieved for us was recognised by a giant of the industry. We also took home a bronze award for another print job that was embossed with CLIQX.

For more than 30 years, the National Print Awards has been setting the benchmark for excellence in print in Australia. The night celebrates the talents of the industry with 250 printers and industry professionals gathering to pay tribute to the best in the business.

“The National Print Awards recognises the best and most inspiring printed work produced in Australia,” said NPA Chair, Susan Heaney.  “Today, the process which was ‘inspired by paper’ has grown to encompass a vast array of substrates, across a multitude of applications, connecting to a wealth of new and powerful media, to deliver some of the most creative, innovative and exciting print the world has ever seen. It’s nothing short of inspiring – and that’s what we are set to celebrate with this year’s National Print Awards competition.”

You can view the award book here.

We hope to continue the incredible momentum we have been riding this year. Stay tuned for more CLIQX news, or get in touch with us to discover how CLIQX embossing can help give your next print job an award winning result!



Posted by watermarx on the 29th of May 2016