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Posted by watermarx on the 22nd of April 2017

BASTIAN OF REFINED CHIC | Wedding Stationery by Baxter Studios

Bastian Storch is the Art Director of Baxter Studios an agency we have collaborated with on many jobs. Bas has always been a delight to work with, and his studio continually produces original, high-quality work that we have had the pleasure to print.  

Together, we recently worked on a job of passion with him- this beautiful, copper-foiled wedding stationery suite he designed for his upcoming wedding in the Hunter Valley.  

What was the inspiration for this wedding invitation?

I wanted to create something different from your ‘usual’ wedding invitation, but wanted to still design something that shows what it actually is: a wedding invitation. My usual process is that I browse Pinterest for inspiration. I roam through different boards from architecture to graphic design, kitchens and landscaped gardens, you name it. Pinterest is like a weird wonderful rabbit hole! Of course I then also had to deal with the time, budget and weight constraints, because I didn’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars for postage to Europe, either.

Who was involved in the design process?

I designed it myself. There has been many drafts and changes until I arrived at the final design. Different printing techniques and embellishments such as letterpress, foiling, flocking and embossing have been part of the process where I ended up changing my mind multiple times. I heavily relied on Ange to guide me to find the most economical way to set up the designs to minimise the set-up cost for the printing plates. I also had my business partner and friend refine the wording and work her copywriting magic.

How was the invitation suite created? 

I set everything up in Illustrator. It’s my preferred program to work in because I can use it like a scrap board where I just add new ideas, duplicate, change etc and fill it with multiple art boards so I can quickly get an overview of everything I designed and make quick decisions what works and which elements can be taken further.

Are there other printed elements that tie into the invitation’s theme?

The theme (if you can call it that) is French Country Provincial meets Australian Native Flowers meets …??? The wedding venue is this beautiful country estate in the Hunter Valley, called Redleaf. For florals we are keeping it simple with lots of greenery and Australian native flowers. There will be menu cards for each plate once we have finalised the menu. Our caterer is the amazing Robert who owns and runs Bistro Molines in the Hunter Valley. The menu will be French inspired obviously encompassing the theme. There are Thank You cards as well, which have already been printed.

What materials did you want to use and why?

Selecting the right paper was very important as I have a real passion of beautiful paper stocks. It actually was quite a journey to get the paper that I wanted to work and Ange has worked hard to find a printer who would print digital on 350GSM Colorplan Pristine White. The cover is Gmund Power Blue 300GSM, which is a lovely rich blue, that perfectly matches the vibrant copper foil.

The inserts are Colorplan Pristine White 350GSM. They are digitally printed with blue typography to match the blue of the cover and a water colour floral print of orange and pink to pick up the deep copper colour of the foil.

How was/will the theme of the invitations carried into other elements of the wedding?

The colour palette of the invite will be carried into other elements such a flowers, table decoration/wear and dress code for groom and groom as well as the bridal party.

Compliments or feedback you have heard or your favourite thing about the design?

I think my favourite thing is the copper foil and Gmund Power Blue paper stock combination. It’s such an amazing look.

How did you collaborate with Watermarx on in the making of these invitations?

Ange has been on my speed-dial for the last days of finalising the invite! Watermarx have been amazing helping me find solutions to stock and printing issues that came up during the quoting and development process and I couldn’t be more happy about the final product. The quality of finish and eye for detail has really made this design come to life.

Their pool of knowledge and resources is invaluable! Watermarx really helped with finding the right combination of all elements – paper, foil colour and printing technique.

Posted by watermarx on the 15th of January 2017

We’re LOVING Foil Edge Gilding

We have been busy getting gold on our hands here at Watermarx, with our clients showing a sudden flurry of enthusiasm for edge gilding on their high-end jobs. Lot’s of finery and fun!

Gilding is an embellishment we offer our clients as a value-add for their jobs and it works across a huge spectrum of pieces, for all different purposes. The shimmery foil edge gives a piece personality and something a bit special. It’s an ancient technique used even way back by the pharaohs, to suggest a hint of luxury. It will upgrade the whole look and feel of the job, and we joke that it’s a champagne upgrade for those on a beer budget.

goldWe will gild (almost) anything starting from A6 sizes and above to add that extra va-va-voom! First, we prepare our sheets to be sure that the edges are ultra-smooth and dust-free, then we apply a thin layer of foil along the edge of the stacked, cut pieces and file it back. That’s why you can’t have colour bleed off the edge, because the print quality can be scuffed or made furry after we sand the gilding back to finish.

If you’re looking for a little je ne sais quoi for your next job, chat to us about this special feature, and be sure to read our tips below to help you best design the glam factor of gilding, in the most cost-effective way.


Tips for incorporating foil edge gilding into your job

  • Use a border/margin: when combining edge gildng and digital print, don’t have the colour bleed off the edge
  • Select a coloured stock: gilding works best on coloured paper but it can also make a beautiful impact on plain white stock (and elegantly dress up a simple look)
  • Be creative with your colour choices: gold and silver are perennial favourites, but we have seen some gorgeous pop pink and neons used
  • Upgrade the look of a cheap job: if using a thick, economical box board and we can over edge gild to instantly make the piece look premium


Shakespeare is often attributed with popularising the phrase “don’t gild the lily”, which means to add or embellish something that is already naturally beautiful. In this case, though, we have found that edge gilding can transform a simple job that is lacking a distinction, and inexpensively take the whole piece to a new level, giving it a much more premium look and feel.

In big news across the ditch, the first David Jones store opened in Wellington, New Zealand a week and a half ago, and we had a lot of fun helping produce the invitations for their launch event. The touch of gold must have brought good luck because the New Zealand media keep reporting record sales!

Read more about Watermarx Graphics gilding here

Posted by watermarx on the 9th of August 2016