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Thanks to all you clever graphic designers for submitting your wonderful business card designs for this competition. We are delighted to announce the winner is Paul Nolan of Paul Nolan Design. His branding design boldly showcases his signature typographic style and playful, intricate line-work which we’re just itching to bring to life in letterpress. His design includes¬†foil stamping and we have popped some samples in the post for him to choose his stock and foil clour.

While there were many other notable entries and the competition was stiff, we could only choose one winner. Coincidently, Paul’s illustrated type features in the last issue of Justus Magazine which we sponsored, so we have come by his talents previously. But we think you’re all great sports and in our eyes you’re all winners, so we have emailed all the daring entrants to let you know we will be sending out a personalised stationery pack as a thank you for your participation! We hope you love these and will send us pics of you devouring your prize. If you happen to blog about your creative exploits feel free to give us a plug and we’ll link you on our Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the support of Design Federation, CatchPIG and Shillington College for spreading the love with this comp and stay tuned for our next one.

Posted by watermarx on the 4th of September 2012