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Watermarx Graphics spoke at the Lithographic Institute of Australia, yesterday  . The NSW branch invited us along with AGDA’s Glen Barry, Jean Kropper from Paper and Pixel and  Justus Magazine, for an evening dedicated to the topic ‘EmbellishmentAdding value to Print’.

LIA put the night on in response to what they have dubbed ‘an embellishment revival’ and wanted us to help other printers understand how they can take advantage of this surge of interest in speciality printing and capitalise on the interest in embossing, debossing and foiling. LIA told Nick Blendel from Proprint  “This enhancement is often driven by graphic designers and print originators, who, in this era of digital print, are willing to pay for the additional value of the ‘handcrafted’ printed item.”

Al was able to offer his insights into what he has witnessed in the industry coming from letterpress to litho, then digital and now turning back again as designers and society in general are placing a higher value on the handmade rather than the mass made and how the demand for print these days is to “add value” to printed products. We were excited to talk to the crowd about how CLIQX helped us tackle embossing, how we have perfected its use and how we are now making it available for the greater printing community to embrace – so they too can add value to print via CLIQX.

Glen commented on how both the design community and the print community should work together to incorporate more embellishment into the finished printed product. He said that the drive for mass-produced printed material for the cheapest price will inevitably drive print offshore. He urged the graphic design and printing community to work togetherto ensure the survival of print in Australia by adding value to print locally.

We printed the menus and treated everyone to a print industry relic you can watch here –

CLIQX is a solution which offers modern technology combined with old techniques. It adds value to the finished printed product. Talk to us today if you’re a printer looking to embellish your bottom line (boom tish!)


Photo via Justus Magazine

Posted by watermarx on the 24th of October 2012

TIS THE SEASON TO START PLANNING – Foiled Invitations for the Festive Season

Someone mentioned on the weekend that it’s ten weeks until Christmas. Yep, did you just give yourself whiplash turning your head to check the calendar? That’s right folks, the silly season is just around the corner which means if you have a work Christmas party, client Christmas cards, New Year’s Eve function or any other frivolous festivity to organise, you days are numbered.

But relax, Watermarx are here to help you with all the best ideas for your snazzy printing. If you want an event invitation that will blow their minds or a card that will live on their desk for all of 2013, take note of some of these great embellishment ideas to catch their eyes –



For a glitzy, classy stock you can’t get more bling for your buck than metallic stocks. Luxury brands are big fans of the metallic stock look, which can be as out there or restrained as you wish. For an invitation like no other, white foil has a very unique appearance but try your brand colour or some Christmas cheer for a truly tinsel-y effect.


This is for those truly seeking another dimension of pizzazz. This multifaceted foil just pops from a black background and makes a dazzling impression. Perfect for New Year’s Eve party invite, a nightclub or venue promotion that needs to stand apart from the crowd or event to embellish branded packaging for gifts. Sometimes a subtle whisper is fine, but we don’t need to tell you it’s always more fun (and festive) to roar – Season’s Greetings!


If you’re looking for something homely, quirky or just a bit special, you will impress your clients with your green credentials when you choose a recycled board. The craft board foiled with green or red works wonderfully for Christmas cards or for something completely different, we can die cut shapes so you can gift sets of gift tags or tree decorations.


Watermarx Graphics worked closely with Milford Astor  Foils to develop the designers guide to foiling. This swatch book will help you select what best suits your designs and get you on your way to foiling with flair.  Contact us today on to request one for your studio!

Posted by watermarx on the 17th of October 2012


The Printovation Awards (GASAA’s annual awards) on the 24th September, was hosted by MC John Mangos entertaining a crowd of printers and creatives at Dockside, Darling Harbour. Watermarx Graphics was there, cheering on our colleagues and friends at the event.

With twice the number of entries from last year,  the works on display for 2012 were impressive and exciting. Justus Magazine’s Issue 02 >> To Letterpress With Love claimed the winning prize in the Offset category. Printed by Ligare and, as some of you may already know, letterpress printed and embossed / debossed by us! Watermarx Graphics really enjoyed the opportunity with this project to be playful with the way we applied the patented & patent pending CLIQX technologies to letterpress printing, embossing and debossing throughout the magazine so that it could truly be a showcase of the possibilities of the craft.

Along with a very snazzy Half-Canadian ring bind, typography from our mate, Paul Nolan  and designs from Melbourne’s Motherbird, Perth’s Studio Bomba, Sydney’s Mark Gowing and Queensland’s Peter Sexty Design, it’s quite a special piece. If you haven’t got your hands on one yet, jump onto that pronto at  – as a tactile source of inspiration and ideas, it is a wonderful resource for any lover of print.

Congratulations to the team at Eleven Eleven Design for the win and to Spicer’s, Ligare, Tafeda and all the fantastic creative talents from across Australia who took part in Issue 02 of Justus Magazine. We were honoured to be involved and suspect this may just be the first of many more accolades to come!

Posted by watermarx on the 8th of October 2012