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SPRINGTIME DESIGN – Wedding Invitation Season

Spring is upon us and like blushing brides being made up like flowers, we are busy prettying up the finest stocks with sweet slicks of ink.

Invitations! A delight to receive and a pleasure to print because it is this time of year that we see your finest design.  Gorgeous floral motifs, gelato hues, swirling typography and more make wedding invite season a letterpress printers delight.

Letterpress printed wedding invitations are a huge trend that have been sweeping the bridal world for a few years now. The lushness of cotton stocks lends itself to all things pretty and, increasingly, all things retro and hip as wedding styles become more individual and modern. But experimentation is the name of the game here, so here are Watermarx Graphic’s tips to express the happy couple’s message in your invitation design.



Deboss + Letterpress

Classic Elegance –  Crisp emboss or deboss on a thick, white or cream stock is gorgeously restrained and timeless. What could be more elegant than a white on white effect? Even clear or white foil in a subtle motif or print is an embellishment that embodies the height of style for wedding invitations that makes an unmistakable comment on class.

1 colour letterpress

Young Modern – One bold hue in an all-over print is letterpress delight. Engagement or wedding invitations (even business cards) that work with this style get the most out of this technique. Yellow seems to be the colour of the season and rightly so, from a sunflower through to lemony hues all the way to wild neon, nothing says happy like this.

Silver Foil on black stock

Chic Mystique – Black foil on a velvety black stock is impossibly chic. For an urban wedding, a night-time affair or a black tie event, you can’t look past this combination. Textured stocks can add a bit of pizazz to this monotone palette or take the leap to gorgeous silver foil.

1 colour letterpress

Happy Hipster – Chunky, retro type and playful, pop colours and tactile stocks; make no mistake about it trendy is very big for weddings right now. For couples looking for a design they can relate to, try a recycled stock or beer mat board for a lo-fi look they will love.

Posted by watermarx on the 7th of October 2012

ON THE SURFACE OF THINGS – Thinking Outside the Square When It Comes To What You’re Printing On

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to stocks, these days.

It’s not just cotton stocks for letterpress anymore; if you work closely with your printer when you are planning and designing your jobs you will find that there are plenty of options to print on, and we don’t just mean paper.

Box board and coaster board have become very popular letterpress options because they have a bulkiness about them and their fibres letterpresses brilliantly, allowing your lettering to show up with a crisp impression. It doesn’t hurt that these boards are much more affordable than traditional cotton stock. They don’t have the velvety feel of cotton which is loved for bridal invitations and save the dates, but they bring a rustic, organic charm of their own which would suit many jobs. Not to mention that it is easier to find recycled board options for clients demanding greener choices.

Have you ever thought of foiling plastic? Watermarx Graphics recently completed a fantastic job for a wedding invitation using gold foil on a thick, clear plastic film. Sweet Art create fantastic, imaginative cakes in the shape of just about anything, so they were looking for an invitation with a twist. They chose a plastic substrate to foil stamp on to create the same effect of surprise and delight for their client that their cakes achieve.

We often use CLIQX technology to put ink or foil or emboss on plenty of unusual surfaces. We have used white foil on a silver mirror board to create an elegant invitation for a high end cosmetic company. We have also had great results with foil stamping on a foiled background.

Give us a call – we’re happy to help you think outside the square on your next job!

Posted by watermarx on the 3rd of October 2012