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Introducing La Triomphante, our resident Belgian letterpress printer and grand old dame

Happy are we to introduce one of the more special members of the Watermarx Graphics’ family of machines, our relic and curiosity ‘La Triomphante’. She’s a Belgian machine built circa 1906 and we have a hunch she may be the only one in Australia (do get in touch, though, if you know otherwise!) Both pedal or power operated, this letterpress ‘clamshell platen’ printing press this means that the machine is designed to perform an action where the platen and bed swing back and forth into each other, creating greater impact which leaves a heavier impression on the paper.

The sales brochure pitches her like this, ” This new platen press that we now offer Belgian printers is unrivalled in the rigidity of its construction, ease of operation and reliability. The impression arms are wrought iron, the frame is cast in one piece and the gears milled with precision enabling the full surface area of the platen to be utilized with ease. The action is well balanced and quiet. A simple impression regulator is located next to the impression throw-off lever. The press has three forme rollers and a duct roller which roll on adjustable tracks.” There’s a bit more about the machine mentioned here.

We’re rather hoping (one of these days) that we’ll get the old girl cranking away. It’s one of the pleasures of being letterpress printers that we grow to love our antique machines. Getting to know their quirks and strengths is part of the pleasure of this dark art. If we can bring retired machines back to life with new technology  like CLIQX,  or find a way for them to get back to doing what they do best – kissing the pages with ink – all the better for us and for you. Each piece of letterpress printing is crafted with our love for your designs and our respect for the rich heritage of craft printing. Imagine the stories that have passed through the likes of our grand old dame, La Triomphante!

Posted by watermarx on the 26th of November 2012

Typographer, Paul Nolan, Chats to Watermarx Graphics About Business & Business Cards

Paul Nolan, the winner of our Business Card Design Competition this year, is a Queensland-based typographer and an all-round nice guy.

It was our absolute delight to print these cards and we want you to know we can do exactly the same for you! Watermarx Graphics can turnaround your letterpressed, foiled, embossed, debossed and die-cut fancy schmancy business cards in 5 – 10 working days with no additional express charges.  You read that correctly.

So, stop procrastinating and send us your design so you can hand out your new business cards at all the social functions you will be attending this party season.

How did you find working with us on these cards?

PN :  As a completely obsessed craftsperson it was brilliant to connect with two new partners who are as likeminded! The process was straight forward really and I enjoyed a number of conversations with Ange and Allan to address both our expectations. To be more specific they also provided me with a range print, stock and embellishment samples to assist in the production choices required.

How did you tweak your design to suit letterpress printing?

PN:  I intentionally designed this card to challenge some of the limitations of letterpress. Lineweight and font size for example. I had been working on a number of new wordmarks for myself and as a result of the recent relocation required a new card.

What has the feedback been like since you received your business cards?

PN:  I have received some wonderful and unexpected feedback, oh and requests from people online as a result. If I’m out at meetings or at group functions they vanish.  Job well done I guess!

Armed with these brand spanking new cards, what’s in the pipeline for you?

PN:  I was hoping to be available to watch Allan run the job but was unable to fit it into my schedule. I am hopeful to catch up with them before Christmas to see the Watermarx set up and enjoy a beverage or three!

Off the top of my head, I am in an up-and-coming show in Sydney called Alphabetica, and one in Brisbane at the Powerhouse. I am also working on my own small range of products for my own brand hopefully available early in the New Year.


Posted by watermarx on the 15th of November 2012


Posted by watermarx on the 11th of November 2012