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Brighten Up With BJ Ball’s Latest Paper Range, Colorplan

colorplan_bjball_watermarxSpring means a burst of colour in nature, but there’s been a burst of colour in the print and paper world lately, too. Australian paper merchants, BJ Ball, launched Colorplan this year, which has seriously brightened up the scene! We chatted with Tony Bertrand, the Marketing and Business Development Manager for the BJ Ball Group to chat to us about this new range of paper, Carte Blanche and the latest trends in print design.

WATERMARX GRAPHICS: You had the first “Carte Blanche” this week. What is it and how did it go?

TONY BERTRAND: Carte Blanche is a series of events held around Australia aimed at educating Designers about the amazing world of Paper and Print. We have already held 2 in Sydney and have Melbourne on the 11th November 2014. Last week we ran the event in conjunction with AGDA. 42 people registered and the feedback was amazing. Paper and print is cooler than ever, and designers want to know the latest innovations that can help them and their clients.

WG: Colorplan is your latest range of stock – what can you tell us about it?

TB: 50 shades of colour! It’s the only range of 50 colours available in the Australian marketplace which means flexibility and creativity. The range allows for customers to invent what they would like to see. The product is designed to work together or separately, printed in all applications, mounted back to back up to 2100 GSM, embellished, cut, folded and even comes in an envelope any size you would like. It’s the ultimate bespoke product using the range of 50 colours.

WG: Which embellishments or treatments do you think best suit Colorplan stock and why?
TG: Colorplan is available in 25 different embossing patterns which means another unique look to your project. It takes foiling and obviously debosses very well. It’s also used extensively for letterpress printing.

WG: What is so exciting about such a huge range of colours? Do you have a favourite?
TB: Personalisation and customisation are two key elements that will provide a lasting impression with paper and print, in the digital age. Colorplan is part of this journey too. The ability to combine colours, print techniques and finishes together makes it possible to create a very unique piece. I have favourites –  Mandarin and Factory Yellow are gorgeous citrus colours, I like Imperial Blue, Fuchsia Pink….OK, so I have 50 favourites!

WG: Could you describe some of the creative things you have seen done with the paper lately?
TB: Get a hold of the new BJ Ball Business Card – they haven’t failed me yet as a conversation starter! Amazing invitations using a blind deboss, no ink at all. Business cards, invitations and posters by AGDA. And, of course, the use of white ink on coloured stocks can change the look and feel of a printed piece simply and cost effectively.

Posted by watermarx on the 14th of October 2014

Watermarx Featured in the Manly Daily

manlydailyAnge and Al were in the Manly Daily today talking about CLIQX, the newly patented technology that we work with here at Watermarx Graphics to produce crisp, clean embossing and debossing. The article, called “Magnetic idea takes off” talks about how Al  (“the serial inventor” as Ange refers to him) was tinkering with magnets to find a solution to the old-fashioned embellishment technology.

It’s lovely to be supported by our local Northern Beaches paper, many thanks to the folks at the Manly Daily for sharing our story. If you live in the area, keep an eye out for us in the pages.

CLIQX was finally granted a patent this year after lots of research and development. As they say in the story, “Ms O’Dea [Ange] says commitment is the key to coming up with ideas. ‘People say there is no such thing as a new idea, but there is… the proof is in the pudding, it works and we use it every day,’ she says.”  So, there you have it, we have creativity in spades over here in sunny Brookvale! We’re not just printers but inventors, and we are inspired every day by the creativity of our clients to find innovative ways to help you create your incredible ideas.

If you would like to find out more about what this technology can do for your next print job, or how to add beautiful embellishments in a cost-effective way to your designs, just give us a call. We are always happy to speak to creatives at the early stages of planning, we find that this produces the best results for everyone and, as you can see, we love trying new things.


Posted by watermarx on the 9th of October 2014

The Merchant of Paper Launches!

the merchant of paperThe folks over at Lexel Papers have gone and launched this terrific blog – The Merchant of Paper – which celebrates all things high-end and fancy in the world of paper print and design. The website was designed by our friends, the web developers at Kinski and Bourke, and features our award winning piece Boheem Design created for Lexus on their homepage at the moment.

The Merchant himself is a charming character called, Marco, the world’s oldest paper merchant. Marco has been crafting with paper and paper enthusiasts since the beginning of time, he narrates the posts on the website, bringing to life the tales of his travels across the world, sharing the delightful legacy of paper-making with the audience on the website which will be updated weekly.

“For hundreds of years, I have travelled the world bringing the pleasures of paper to design devotees and paperistas. Call me old fashioned, but I still get a thrill from the velvety textures, the smell of curiosity and the awakened senses when I can get my hands on sought-after stock,” he says on the website. With his quaintly descriptive and evocative tone, Marco will weave stories, history and insight to contemporary design jobs created with the Lexel Papers range will be regularly featured on the site.

The Merchant of Paper™ “Inspiration” section on the website will be an evolving gallery showcasing outstanding print graphic design. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to the monthly newsletter which will lovingly post the news and images from the website, freshly milled, into subscribers’ inboxes. The discussion will also continue to flourish on The Merchant of Paper’s social media.

Lexel Papers are the exclusive Australian importers of Gmund Paper, a German paper house that has produced a vast range of luxury stocks for over 185 years. We often use sumptuous Gmund cotton stock in our work and congratulate them on launching this lovely project!

Posted by watermarx on the 5th of October 2014