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Happy Year Of The Goat | BJ BALL

BJ BALL_Watermarx_ chinese new Year of the GoatHappy Lunar New Year!

Many Asian countries follow the lunar calendar and according to the Chinese horoscope, this is the Year of the Goat…or the sheep… or the ram, depending on whatever floats your goat. The history of printing is intertwined with the lunar calendar, too. The earliest known form of woodblock printing came from China as early as before 220 A.D.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Watermarx Graphics teamed up with our pals from BJ Ball Papers to design a promotional piece for them.

The New Year Bookmark is inspired by the red money envelopes that are traditionally given in Asian culture,for good luck at New Year. The envelopes are often the strong red that is favoured in eastern design for being a colour that attracts good fortune and we found a great match with “Bright Red” from the BJ Ball’s Colorplan collection.

On 270 GSM stock, we used CLIQX to gold foil and emboss the artwork which was illustrated to look like it had been done with the brushstrokes of tradition Chinese calligraphy. It turned out great. Make sure you get one from your BJ Ball rep next time you see them!


Posted by watermarx on the 21st of February 2015

Making a Hash(tag) of It | Letterpress in the 21st Century

letterpress @ symbol hashtagHere’s a quirky little story from the quirky world of letterpress.

According to The Wall St Journal, letterpress printers are running out of @ symbols and hashtags (#).   These characters were rarely used in the olden days but now their popularity has exploded as a result of their modern usage in social media. Letterpressers who hand-set type are scrambling to buy up these movable type symbols wherever they can find them, to meet the client demand to include twitter handles and hashtags in their business cards and invitations.

Their scarcity and the burden of this limited supply is such that the ones in regular use are being worn away! As Fastco Design reports, “ In a little more than a decade, these two symbols have gone from the wallflowers of the keyboard to the belles of the typesetter’s ball.”

Luckily for us, we don’t have to break a sweat over our dingbats, ampersands and wingdings. The constraints suffered by hand-setters aren’t a problem for Watermarx Graphics because we use the innovative CLIQX system. This modern technology keeps our printing fresh (and our characters current) as we use your digital files to create plates  – so we will never run out of hashtags!

Your artwork hits the press directly with a press of the keyboard # so everyone can update their Twitter to their hearts content.

Click here to read the full story.

Posted by watermarx on the 16th of February 2015

The Romance of Letterpress – Valentine’s Day

Everybody knows that romance and letter-writing go together like a horse and carriage… or something like that.

At Watermarx, we are lucky enough to work with people’s most  tender moments and heartfelt words, because letterpress is kind of adorable like that. We print engagement notices, wedding invitations, anniversary party invites and Valentine’s Day cards and so have become aficionados on the sweeter side of life.

With that corny  holiday just around the corner, we urge you to resist the temptation to buy a generic Hallmark card. Say it special with DIY Valentine’s messages, or better yet, for the design geek you adore, get us to print something genuinely unique. Don’t forget Watermarx Graphics can letterpress A3 sized printouts, so your walls can bear these messages of love all year ’round (because, we know, we know, it’s just one day…)

Here are some romantic ideas to declare your love in letterpress:


Cute letterpressed coaster set:

1 or 2 colour printing on a very thick stock, die-cut round or square (or heartshaped, or triangular or…. whatever you wish!) and you can easily put together a totally personalised memento for your sweetheart and be sure you are on their mind every time they sip something sweet. Try personal jokes or catch-phrases, for something that will melt their hearts.

Funny letterpressed cards:

Laughter is the way to unlock anyone’s hard heart, so celebrate the quirkiness of your romance with humour this Valentine’s Day. Valentine cards that pack a punchline become keepsakes and treasures your beloved will not part with. Little illustrations or line drawings work for this, or just a big, blocky typeface announcing your desires, on a plain white stock. Complimentary colours work well for the envelope.  Nerdy puns, funny messages or wry observations of your particular story  help melt the ice, avoid the cliche and will certainly delight your funny Valentine.

Framed, romantic letterpressed posters:

This trend is showing no signs of fading, people are enthusiastically decorating their homes with words and messages of meanings. So, rather than gifting someone else’s thoughts, why not say it from the heart and print it big. Watermarx can letterpress up to A3-sized posters which make a lovely gift when framed. Just use your imagination, or quote your lover directly and create the kind of romance that is boldly declared.

Ask us how you can make letterpressed memories that last, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!


Posted by watermarx on the 1st of February 2015