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2017 PRINT AWARDS | 4 Awards to Rawson Print (and we got a cameo in them all!)

Congratulations to our friends Rawson Print Company for their quandruple-threat performance at the 2017 National Print Awards. We were thrilled to assist their win, by embellishing the following entries:

  • GOLD to Rawson Print Co. // Category: Self Promotion
    Name of piece: Rawson Print Co Profiler // Embellishment by Watermarx: copper foil stamping
  • SILVER to Rawson Print Co. // Category: Booklets, Catalogues, Brochures & Magazines                                                                   Name of piece: DHA Hundley street // Embellishment by Watermarx: CLIQX true deboss
  • SILVER to Rawson Print Co. // Category: Multi Piece Productions and Campaigns                                           Name of piece: QT Melbourne Suite // Embellishment by Watermarx: black foil
  • BRONZE to Rawson Print Co. // Category: Stationery                                                                                          Name of piece: Rawson Print Co Stationery // Embellishment by Watermarx: copper foil stamping

We absolutely love to celebrate the success of our colleagues and friends in the industry. Not only that, but we consider ourselves incredibly lucky that we get to collaborate on beautiful jobs, and occasionally get taken along for the wonderful ride of being included in a job we have embellished for a colleague, that goes on to win!

CLIQX and Watermarx’s work is award-winning in its own right, so we’re not surprised clever printers choose to work with us, to help make their jobs shine…literally. Our foil stamping and edge gilding find a way onto some lovely print pieces. Likewise,  CLIQX embossing and debossing, blind embossing, and letterpress have all been recognised in print industry awards around the world.

So, be a winner! If you are looking to get some trophies under your belt, or would just like to take your print work to the next level, let’s work together to craft pieces that stand out from the crowd and showcase what fabulous, fine print is all about!

Posted by watermarx on the 18th of July 2017

Watermarx @ Women in Print | Ange O’Dea on PacPrint Panel

Last month at PacPrint 2017 in Melbourne, co-founder and general manager of Watermarx Graphics , our very own Ange O’Dea, was invited to be on the panel at the Women in Print breakfast.

115 women gathered for the two-hour breakfast event, to listen to a lively discussion about industry innovation, equality for women, and finding balance in life. Other panellists included Matt Aitken, Kelly Northwood, and Erick Cordero, as well as Susan Heaney (managing director of Heaney’s Performers in Print) who was the facilitator.

The panel tackled everything from sexism and women’s voices in the industry. Ange O’Dea shared her experience of the differences working female- versus male-dominated industries, based on her previous career in healthcare, and now working in the male-dominated world of printing.

“Often, as a woman in print, knowledge is not accepted for expertise, and the validity of information is questioned simply because a woman is sharing it.” This is no one’s fault, per se—as historically printing has been a male-dominated profession—but now as more and more women venture into the printing industry, it is our [women’s] responsibility to educate the industry on the fact that we have a lot to offer.”

Kelly Northwood said on the day, “We need focus on diversity because women are so rich in who we are as individuals. We need to show these blokes how it is done. I have three rules for my life: ignore stupidity, do what you say you will do and enjoy what you are doing.” Ange agreed, adding, “We need to consistently be innovative and explore, learn, educate and enjoy.”

A question came from the floor about the issue in print of educating designers in the craft. There was some debate about whether designers are receiving a practical understanding of print and paper, and how best to offer this practical knowledge.

“The solution has to be an industry one,” said Ange.

Here at Watermarx, we love helping designers learn the nuances of print and paper and collaborating on beautiful design.  The door is always open, the offer always stands, so talk to us! Ask us your questions! We are so open to helping you achieve the best work and excited to help bring to life your creative magic.

PacPrint was busy for us but inspiring, as always. Thank you, Women in Print, for inviting us to be part of this event. See you next time!

Posted by watermarx on the 19th of June 2017

WOODEN YOU KNOW IT? | Invitation with wood paper from KW Doggett

To celebrate the wonderful, Wood FX Birch, a KW Doggett stock that is really rustling the leaves of the design community, we recently got to do one of our favourite things – collaborate!

Our brief from KW Doggett was “wood” and – wooden you know it? – we had some bright ideas about what we could do with that!

Wood FX Birch is real wood that prints just like paper and has a white reverse. It’s a beautiful, printable wood veneer that lends itself to everything from eco business, vintage-themed projects, to outdoor weddings, and flexible enough for presentation folders, business cards, menus, and, of course, invitations.

We foiled stamped the names on the wooden front in a gunmetal foil. Then, we mounted the reverse of the card to cotton stock and letterpress printed it. The bride and groom used the same front mounted to black white paper for their thank you cards.

Woof FX is a unique and versatile stock, that can be letterpressed. It comes in both Birch (used for this project) and Cherry. We don’t want to get sappy (get it?) but we’re pretty excited about this innovation, that brings a lot of personality to print, and we can’t wait to work with more of it.

Talk to us about how it can be used in your next creative project. We wood love to work with you on something amazing!


Posted by watermarx on the 18th of May 2017