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In the business of cards

Letterpress Business Cards, Foil Business cards and Embossed Business cards

Whether you are after a business card that has letterpress printing, foil stamping, embossing or all three processed combined – Watermarx Graphics can help you create your own unique business card identity.

Please call us to discuss how you can make a WOW impression with your own bespoke business cards.

Paper stock choice

Contact us to discuss the most suitable stock for your design. Letterpress Business Cards printing on both sides can often be best on thicker stocks. We have access to an array of stocks for Letterpress Business Cards – contact us to discuss.

Die-cutting or guillotine trimming cards

We have a number of standing business card knives that are available to finish your cards – Contact us to see if they’re suitable for your job OR we can die-cut to a specific shape.

Use of our business card knives does not incur a fee for knife use.

Edge painting

Not all paper stocks are suitable for edge painting on Letterpress Business Cards – Similarly not all print process will lend themselves to edge painting and there is always a risk that the edges can bleed slightly into the stock.

If you are feeling adventurous – try edge spraying painting your own cards. The best spray paint to use for edge painting we have found is “94” from MTN Colors. They stock a vast array of colours.