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FIT FOR A QUEEN | Rose Gold Foil Wedding Stationery

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invitesWhen a bride-to-be asked her bridesmaid and graphic design besty, Rebecca Philipp, to create the wedding stationery for her wedding last April, it was not as simple as giving her creative carte blanche.

“There were a lot of things I didn’t want!” Victoria recalls, “I told Bec, ‘not shiny, no glitter blah blah etc etc.’ In the end, we decided that my taste was best described as the style of an old country lady…or someone from the royal family throwing a garden tea party!” She laughs. Luckily the designer wasn’t at all fazed.

The suite was created with a watercolour floral theme that was digitally printed on thick, uncoated stock and embellished with rose gold foiling. We foil-stamped the invitations with the very trendy Milford Astor Rose Gold, as wedding gift to the couple by Watermarx Graphics, using CLIQX. The rose gold feature definitely added the desired royal twist!

Pro tips for combining digital printing & foiling:

To achieve the same wow result by combining digital printing with specialty finishing, have a chat to us about your stock choices before they are made! There is a limited selection of paper that works perfectly with digital printing and will suit embellishment, so it’s better for designers to get in touch and share their ideas. With embellished digital printing, registration is critical for best results. We have found that Indigo presses are the best for registration.

Now, enjoy our interview with the artistic designer Rebecca Phillipp.


WMX:  Can you describe the stationery design?
Rebecca Philipp:  I believe a theme should follow through an entire event, that’s why it’s so important to nail the design direction with the first piece you make (which is normally the invitation.) From there, I try to make every design piece a little bit different to make it interesting, using the same design elements to tie up the theme, without repeating yourself. The invite consisted of 3 cards: the wedding details, wishing well card, accommodation suggestions and dinner invitation. For the wedding we also made a welcome sign, menus, seating chart and name tags for the tables.

WMX:     What was the inspiration for the design?
RP: I always want my designs to say so much more than just being a beautiful design piece. My job is all about communication and in this instance, I wanted the creative to reflect what the wedding couple are about: the time of the year, the location and the type of wedding. It’s almost a subconscious thing where a look and feel can tell a story beyond what you can literally see on the piece of paper.

WMX:  How was the illustration made?
RP:  I draw for inspiration and as a part of the creative process but I’m not an illustrator by any means  – I’m all digital! I get started by sketching and creating mood boards, but the design magic happens on my computer!

WMX:   What did you want for the paper specs and why?
RP: Print is everything! A design can look so different depending on the stock and print techniques you choose. Unfortunately most projects are limited by budget but stock and printing should be taken into consideration in the early stages of designing as its all part of the final product. The off-white and uncoated stock was the obvious choice for the invitations to suit the rustic country wedding that it was, and the finishing touch of rose gold foiling, was an elegant element that really lifted the invitations, instantly making them feel very special.

WMX:  Favourite thing about the design?

RP:  That the couple loved the invites as much as I did! Nothing is more rewarding than a happy client.

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