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Watermarx has shown through their work to be experts in the field of letterpress and foiling - in addition both Alan and Ange are open, helpful and professional which translates to easy to them both being easy to deal with.

I am impressed with everything I see produced at Watermarx and they highlight the strengths of our paper stocks.

– Edith Maling. January 10, 2012

Letterpress printing?

Located in Sydney, Watermarx are specialist letterpress printers that offer quick turn around quality letterpress.

Letterpress printing is the oldest method of printing. Over the years, letterpress has been replaced by more conventional, faster and economical means of printing. However, letterpress printing to this day, offers a unique tactile feel and quality that cannot be reproduced with modern day printing techniques.

Images are inked onto paper by raised printing plates. The raised surface is inked and pressed into paper. Colours are more intense with letterpress as more ink is transferred to the paper in the process.

Watermarx Graphics utilises steel backed photopolymer plates to create our letterpress printing plates.

The plates are exposed to a computer generated negative and washed out in water. This process allows flexibility with design and fonts, allowing us to make plates from most computer generated art work.

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