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A Rose (Foil) By Any Other Name

Foil Stamping / Invitations

Watermarx wedding invitations rose goldThe song of the rose is heard by the nose, so they say, but we say phooey. With the dazzling beauty of rose gold foil, this song will serenade the eye.

We recently were involved in a rose-tinted project that we loved… not least because it was the ultimate celebration of love – a wedding – and the choice of a rose gold theme was the epitome of high-romance! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’re thinking pink.

From K.W. Doggett’s Fetch Blog:

“Intricate botanical drawings are featured throughout, including an olive branch and a rose which represent Julie’s Mediterranean roots and her husband’s English background. Ripper idea and great choice to use the rose gold foil. Elegant bling.”

The stock was Strathmore Premium Wove  in Soft White, chosen by the bride who is a designer and created this beautiful look. The fine detailing of the illustration did mean extra care was needed, but the result is breathtaking.

“The stock, with its subtle texture complemented the smooth metallic finish of the rose gold foil,” Julie told Fetch Blog. “It was a difficult illustration to print, however the printers, Alan and Ange from Watermarx, did a fantastic job. The beautiful detail of the imagery and powerful bold foil was everything I had envisioned it to be.”

Thanks Julie! And, as always, thanks to our friends at Doggetts. To see more of Julie’s work follow @juliedepaoli on Instagram and Twitter

Rose gold foil has been trending lately, but we believe it has a romantic whimsy that is timeless. We have seen it foil stamped on all kinds of things but our favourite rose foil applications have been:

  • Product packaging (perfume, cosmetics, chocolates or just about anything that you would want the female gaze to linger over!)
  • Baby shower invitations and favours (for those special occasions when you know what you’re getting!)
  • Fashion swing tags (we have created beautiful rose gold on quilted stock, karton and plushy cotton papers.)
  • Media Invitations (a rose gold foiled invitation will ensure pride of place on the press desk, and prominence in the social diary.)
  • Jeweller business cards and brochures (well, this is obvious. For a taste of what is yet to come.)
  • Mother’s Day Cards (something really special, for a very special lady.)

You can see from this list, rose gold foiling rules the domain of high end, and swoon-worthy. For a little bit of feminine fantasy, we say look no further.

Now, feast your eyes!

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