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two hands reading a page of braille textTactile printing is the process of adding a raised surface to a substrate, creating a texture that can be sensed with touch. Watermarx Graphics has been using our CLIQX emboss technology to create tactile results on all kinds of substrates, from paper and cardstock to poly-plastics. Braille is an important element of pharmaceutical and medical packaging, and its application is expanding every day!

New demand for Braille

We work with pharmaceutical and medical companies to help add Braille to packaging. Latest reports say the demand for this added feature will continue to grow. What’s great about this is what is driving the boom. The demand for Braille is because of the growth in job opportunities for visually impaired people. More than ever before, individuals living with the challenge of blindness or low vision are being employed in marketing, business management and administration, human services, health science, and agriculture sectors.

There is also an ever-growing demand for Braille in educational and marketing materials, as our social awareness increases. Watermarx is here to help support that need in a cost-effective way.

This is more than just a trend in print, it’s a trend in human rights, equal opportunity and access… and we’re thrilled to play our small part in it.

Touchy-feely tactile printing is booming

Last year, we reported on research that announced tactile printing was shaping up to be a $1.9 billion industry within five years. Now the experts are saying that it will actually be worth $2.2 billion by 2022. Both of these reports make mention of the high cost of tactile print technology. This is when we start hopping up and down saying “Over here! Quick! We’ve got the solution!”

CLIQX is a totally affordable technology that can texture stocks and bump-out labels for a cost-effective Braille solution. Our sharply defined emboss is also great for tactile graphics. It definitely should also be considered as an option in the face of this growing demand for tactile print.

Sight Unseen, a means to send messages in the darkness

Braille was developed in response to Napoleon’s demand for soldiers to communicate silently at night, without a light source. In 1824, Louis Braille was a 15-year-old student at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth, in Paris. He was the one who invented the tactile alphabet that is now known by his name. You can find out more about Braille in Australia and the requirements for compliance from the Australian Institute of Braille.

Making the world a more readable place

If you are interested in finding ways to print Braille or applying textures to paper surfaces, give us a ring! We would be more than happy to talk through the tactile printing solutions we can provide for your project. You might find the experience… illuminating.

Posted by watermarx on the 16th of July 2018

Letterpress for the 21st Century | Australian Specialty Printers

GOLD FOIL EMBOSS AUSTRALIAN CRESTHaven’t heard of specialty printers, Watermarx Graphics? You must be living under a rock! Just kidding… but, seriously?

OK, here’s the run-down if you haven’t met us yet or you need a reminder before you bump into us at the next graphic design or print event in Sydney 😉

We are a team of dedicated print specialists. Our workshop is in Brookvale and, if you have met us, you will probably know our owners, the dynamic duo Al Fawcett and Ange O’Dea.

We’ve been at this for a while. It’s a rare occasion that we have the chance to step back and take check of what has been going on all these years. We opened our doors here in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2005 and have been working on print design projects at the very top end of the market ever since.

What kind of printing does Watermarx Graphics specialise in?

We really have done it all! At our heart, we are artisans and craftspeople who have carved out a niche in fancy embellishments. We try to take print design from great to out-of-this-world. That’s really our jam.

Our services include:

• Letterpress Printing
• Foil Stamping
• Embossing and Debossing
Texturing Paper
• Edge Gilding 


We do this for designers, design studios and we have awesome relationships with several print companies who we collaborate with to get their trade finishing done. In other words, we become our clients’ secret weapon so that they can offer their clients all these specialty extras.

We’re not just a pretty face, though. We’re inventors!

We got so good at this stuff that we patented letterpress technology called CLIQX. It’s the polymer system that we use to achieve our signature sharp, paper-sculpted letterpress and embossing results.

What’s more, people love it. That is why we have been lucky enough to claim so many industry accolades over the years for our work.

We don’t like to brag, but…

  • 2016 Media Super National Print Awards Silver & Bronze
  • 2016 FSEA Broze and Gold Leaf Award (USA) for “Invitations” & “Embossing and Letterpress”
  • 2013 FSEA Gold Leaf Award (USA) for “Excellence in Foil Stamping & Embossing”
  • 2012 FSEA Bronze Leaf Award (USA)
  • 2013 National Print Awards – Printing Industries Association of Australia, Bronze for “Specialty Print”
  • 2008 National Print Awards – Printing Industries Association of Australia, Bronze for “Innovation”
  • 2013 NSW PICA Excellence Awards Gold & Silver for “Stationary” & “Specialty Print”
  • 2012 NSW PICA Excellence Awards Gold & Silver for “Stationary”, “Self-Promotion”, “Small Business Category” & “Specialty Print”
  • 2011 NSW PICA Excellence Awards Gold, Silver & Bronze for “Specialty Print”
  • 2010 NSW PICA Excellence Awards Silver
  • 2010 GASAA Printovation Awards Gold

…and that’s just to name a few.

Passionate About Print Design and Paper Art

We’re design geeks and type freaks when it comes to print on paper. We can talk about textures, stock weights, inks, dies, foils, depth or height of an emboss and machines with you all day. Well, we could if we weren’t so busy helping our clients create A-list event invitations, stunning wedding invitations, business cards without compare, marketing materials to turn heads and more. Still, it’s always a delight to take a moment to sit back and smell the…envelopes?

There you have it! We’re acquainted now so don’t be a stranger. Call, email or Facebook stalk us anytime. We want to hear about what you have cooking and have lots of ideas about how we can help make it amazing!

Posted by watermarx on the 12th of June 2018

YAY FOR LOVE! | We Celebrate Australia’s YES Vote

rainbow ink splash celebrates the yes voteYES VOTE! |  Australia has resoundingly voted Yes! to marriage equality and gay weddings in a historic result last week. 7.8 million people cast their vote for “YES” and the nation has truly shown its support for the rights of same-sex couples to wed.

Vote Yes For Local Business

As a family-run Australian business, we couldn’t be more proud that the yes voters of Australia have shown support for our friends and family who, until now, have been forced to marry overseas in countries that recognise the right for gay couples to walk down the aisle. Now, with this result in the survey, we expect to see it legalised here soon so that those couples will have the same right to marry here in Australia, using Aussie wedding experts to help them plan and arrange their special day.

Vote Yes For Beautiful Design & Designer Printing

Watermarx is delighted with the yes vote result—we say bring on the fabulousness! We love a good wedding and can’t wait to work on invitations for the weddings. From letterpress, to foil gilding, stamping, embossing, debossing, we can’t wait to discuss papers and inks with you. Finally, the time is now to start planning a beautiful stationery suite that celebrates the love of your union, here in Oz!

Posted by watermarx on the 18th of November 2017