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YAY FOR LOVE! | Watermarx celebrates gay weddings

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YES VOTE! |  Australia has resoundingly voted Yes! To marriage equality and gay weddings in a historic result last week. 7.8 million people cast their vote for “YES”.  The nation has truly shown its support for the rights of same-sex couples to wed.

rainbow ink splash celebrates the yes voteVote Yes For Local Business

As a family-run Australian business, we couldn’t be more proud that the yes voters of Australia have shown support for our friends and family who, until now, have been forced to marry overseas in countries that recognise the right for gay couples to walk down the aisle. Now, with this result in the survey, we expect to see it legalised here soon so that those couples will have the same right to marry here in Australia, using Aussie wedding experts to help them plan and arrange their special day.

Vote Yes For Beautiful Design & Designer Printing

Watermarx is delighted with the yes vote result—we say bring on the fabulousness! We love a good wedding and can’t wait to work on invitations for the weddings. From letterpress, to foil gilding, stamping, embossing, debossing, we can’t wait to discuss papers and inks with you. Finally, the time is now to start planning a beautiful stationery suite that celebrates the love of your union, here in Oz!

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