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Watermarx Loves Sydney’s Northern Beaches

alfawcett_northernbeaches2Sydney’s Northern beaches are an underestimated and exciting, emerging hub of creativity. There is a growing army of talented designers and boutique graphic design studios popping up in the homes, offices and share spaces in this neck of the woods and we are proud to service many of them.

Watermarx Graphics has been established here in Brookvale (Brookie!) close to the gorgeous coast and proudly north for nine years now. During that time there have been many newcomers to the creative print design scene and who can blame them? The location is fantastic, and if you like the surf like Al does (look at him being all Ironman in this pic!) then it’s the best spot for lifestyle.

We’re proud to have serviced the many wonderful creative people here, and to be considered the go-to printers for specialty embellishments, letterpress embossing and foil stamping on the Northern beaches. We have been working on our technology for many years, as we have striven for excellence in the finished product and smiles on our customers’ dials. The result has been many great collaborations (and more than a few awards claimed on the way) with our local clients.

Adding decorative details like the range of print embellishments we offer can help your work stand apart from the rest. We can work with you at the earliest stages of your design concept to find the best, most exciting, visually appealing and economical way to incorporate foil stamping, letterpress or embossing into your work, enhancing the overall product for your clients.

Of course, while we love our happy home here, it bears mentioning that we work with graphic designers all over Australia. We often consult over email or the phone, and thanks to the magic of the web, can have a job printed and shipped off to our clients anywhere in the world. We even get interstate visitors who like to check out our machines and set-up. We’re always happy for designers to pop in for press checks and welcome them into our busy hub of foil stamping embossing and letterpress on the Northern Beaches!

Posted by watermarx on the 18th of July 2014

Watermarx Work Exhibited at BJ Ball’s Mohawk Show

wmarxLast Wednesday night Watermarx Graphics were the guests of the wonderful BJ Ball, along with more than than 300 printers, graphics designers and students attended paper merchant’s Sydney Mohawk Show, which showcased a variety of work produced using the paper merchant’s range of paper stocks.

BJ Ball really know how to put on a fab event, like this one, which we went to last year. They are hosting this touring Mohawk show as it travels around Australia. The exhibition displays the winners of its competitions from places including the USA, Canada, Asia, the UK and Australia.  Displaying and celebrating the embellishment work done on Mohawk Paper, the night was a chance for us to catch up with industry friends. The envelope for the David Jones 175th Birthday invitation and others we have printed for DJs on Mohawk paper were on show and we had the chance to catch up with Karin at the event, to cheers to a great partnership!

Tony Bertrand, marketing and business development manager, BJ Ball told Australian Printer, “BJ Ball is a committed member ofthe Australian Design community and therefore have a responsibility to provide inspiration.” Bertrand says, “It is a chance for creatives to come together celebrate everything that is good about graphic design and view what leading designers from around the world are producing.” He says, “The show also provides creatives with a chance to catch up with colleagues discuss changes in the industry and make new contacts.”

“The inclusion this year of Mohawk Panoramic product “the end of the gutter” was a hit with those who attended,” Bertrand commented.

Scott Chong, marketing promotions manager, BJ Ball also spoke to Australian Printer, “We enjoy hosing events like this and it satisfying to see the kind of creative work on display using our papers.”

The show goes to Melbourne next, so if you’re one of our Victorian friends, try and get yourself invited! (Details below) :

  • 30th May Alto Hotel, Melbourne Victoria
  • 4th June National Wine of Australia, Adelaide South Australia
Posted by watermarx on the 21st of May 2013

Neenah Paper launches “The Beauty of Letterpress”

beautyofletterpressneenahNeenah Paper have just launched The Beauty of Letterpress, a blog devoted to the celebration of our craft. It has everything from the history of letterpress through to modern day magicians who are casting strange magic with ink and muscle. Leading American letterpress printers are showcased as well as notable mentions from elsewhere in the world – including us!

“When art or type is pressed into sumptuous paper, it creates a physical impression that simply begs to be touched,” said Tom Wright, senior director of advertising and design for Neenah Paper. “We believe the extraordinary, communicative power of letterpress printing and the community of people who make it happen deserve a special place—The Beauty of Letterpress celebrates and honours the modernity of this 500-year old craft.”

The Beauty of Letterpress is a sister site to The Beauty of Engraving launched by Neenah Paper last year. Both sites feature CRANE® Papers. CRANE’S LETTRA® Papers, CRANE’S CREST® Papers and CRANE’S BOND® Papers are marketed and sold by Neenah Paper.

As part of this virtual letterpress home for the 21 st century, the creators have pledged to help raise $30,000 in funds for  Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum (  The Museum is a landmark institution in America’ rich printing history and keeps relics of letterpress dating back to the 15th century, when letterpress had only just started.

Check out Watermarx’s listing on the website and delight in a lovely digital tribute to letterpress.

Posted by watermarx on the 9th of April 2013