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The Value of a Good Impression – Designing For Print With L’Atelier Group

Business Cards / Foil Stamping / Letterpress

Katerina Roth’s clients had a dilemma; their business offered expensive gift certificates but the gift certificates themselves didn’t look expensive enough. In other words the printed certificate failed to convey the value that the giver had invested in, therefore reducing the quality of the experience (nobody wants to be thought of as cheap) and reflecting poorly on the company overall.

They approached her studio, L’Atelier Group, with this job and the task of redesigning their business cards and covernote. Katerina’s solution produced a gift certificate design which utilised gold foil to give the impression of high value (a touch of gold almost always makes printing look special) combined with the texture of letterpress – which was requested from the client. The client had noticed that letterpress printing seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment and felt that it would suit their branding.

We were delighted to work with Katerina because she truly knows her craft and designs in such a way that maximises the capabilities of various print techniques. More designers like that, please! Often we are faced with a job that has not been designed with the embellishment finish being requested, in mind.  Sometimes this is wonderful creative audacity trying to push the envelope of what is possible but more often than not, it’s simply because the designer has not been taught what letterpress can and can’t do well, which stocks work best with which finish, to foil or not to foil.

Edition  2 of Justus Magazine  is a fantastic resource for print designers interested in learning how to design beautifully for letterpress printing. Or click here  to see our list of capabilities on the Watermarx and click on the different links to read our Designer Tips.

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