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FSEA Paper Shows Foil Makes Packaging Pop!

Foil Stamping / Packaging

cushopThe results of a study by the FSEA (Foil & Specialty Effects Association) was released this month which proves that foil boosts shelf appeal. The investigation was developed by FSEA in collaboration with The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics at Clemson University and R. Andrew Hurley’s research program.

They conducted an eye-tracking study in the CUshop Consumer Behavior Lab where 180 participants wore Tobii Glasses, which track pupil movements to monitor what items in a staged retail environment caught their eye. The research showed a clear advantage to foil stamping packaging.

The study detailed in this article proves that in a highly competitive category, where consumer personal preference is a significant factor in the purchase decision-making process, the addition of a high-value enhancement to packaging greatly increased the likelihood of purchase.

In fact, the unknown brand – created solely for this study – was able to outperform national brands with decades of name recognition. 

The pilot study showed that  metallic foil decoration on packaging was most effective at attracting consumer attention faster and retaining attention on packaging longer than identical packages without foil.  Further studies will investigate the impact of this on sales.

To request a copy of the FSEA white paper”The Impact of High-Visibility Enhancements on Shelf Presence” visit

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