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Gilt Pleasure | Watermarx are gilding…

Invitations / Watermarx

If you are looking for to give your invitations an edge here’s something new and very special from Watermarx!

We are now offering gilding on invitation-sized prints. We will add a foil colour of your choice to the edges, for an incredible, one-of-a-kind finish.

Edge painting can be messy and all too often the paint creeps and bleeds into the stock, so we have started cards A6 and bigger! We can do anything (except business cards, at this stage) and are quite infatuated with this fun feature – gilding is going on everything now!

To have the edges of your letterpressed invitations kissed by a touch of gold is just such a subtle but effective addition… but don’t be shy, add a glint of your favourite foil colour for that extra colour richness, high-end finish, and POP. Fuscia! Gunmetal! Copper! Electric blue!

We can do it all, so don’t hold back, let’s have some fun.


  • Keep in mind that gilding works best with on stock of medium or darker hues, as the shimmer of the edge forms more of a contrast with the paper
  • Gilding also shows up better on our thicker stock because there is more surface covered (we can guide you with paper weight choices)
  • Adding an edge is a great way to introduce a new colour to your design
  • For a fabulous economical decision, gilded edging is the solution to adding another colour to a 1-colour print job

Ask us about gilding your next job.

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