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Oh Baby! The Art of Embossing

Embossing / Invitations

Heather Hawkins

Watermarx loves working with designer, Heather Hawkins. Her love of print and paper sees her create playful, quirky stationery “because sending a card is the original social media.”   Under her company name Heather Hawk she works with amazing Australian fashion brands to create bespoke graphic design and private commissions helping people celebrate the special moments in life, beautifully.

We won Silver at the PICA awards with one of her fantastic wedding invites.

Heather quite likes working with us, too. “They are the absolute best in the business!” she enthuses about her business dealings with Watermarx Graphics. “I can always rely on their work being of the highest standard, which is important in delivering the best product possible to my client. Ange and Al go out of their way to help make my designs work – no matter what shape, size, or material.”

Aw shucks, Heather, you made us blush!

The work we have done for her company this year included an adorable baby announcement card announcing the birth of her own little boy, Harry. She designs cute-as-a-button motifs to go with sweetly simple names (and perfectly typeset!) names and dates, then asked us to elegantly blind emboss the designs. Embossing creates a raised impression on stock by pushing the image above the level of the paper, so her enchanting artwork pops forward from the background of the card. While embossing is a traditional craft, her modern and cheery designs are anything but old-fashioned, in an unexpected twist that is witty and fun.

We are printing more and more baby announcements these days, which is a very cute way to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the stork has visited. Weighty white card seems to evoke a sentimental sense and freshness that just goes so well with ideas of new babies. It just feels wonderful and it’s instant love – perfect to announce a brand new bub to the world! There is something about a luscious texture and just-right thickness that has become quite the vogue in baby announcements, and Heather knows how to get this right. Like any designer worth her weight in pixels and ink, she understands the magic of simplicity and good stock.   The stock we used for Harry’s cards was 300GSM Gmund Cotton.

As she says on her website about her love of the printed/paper experience; “While instant messaging is convenient, one cannot deny the excitement of receiving a letter or an invitation in the mailbox. It’s personal. It’s special. It’s lovely!”


To learn how to set up your artwork for embossing, read our tips.

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