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Interview with Anna Hildebrandt from Bentley Restaurant & Bar

Business Cards / Die Cutting / Foil Stamping

BENTLEY restaurant business cardsWatermarx were asked by the owners of Bentley Restaurant & Bar to print the restaurant’s business cards and tags for their new location opening. Surry Hills creatives will be familiar with this longtime Crown St eatery, which is now serving it’s delicious fare in the city on the corner of Pitt and Hunter Streets.

We used  CLIQX to create a crisp, raised logo and the cards were foiled  on the reverse. We mounted two sheets of Notturno back-to-back for weightiness that says luxury (and authority, if you want to get deep) and then the die cut the edgy angles and punch hole.  Voila! Quite the sexy little number, if we do say so ourselves!

We spoke with Anna Hildebrandt from The Bentley about what they were looking to achieve with this design job.

What qualities did you want your business cards and napkin tags to represent of your brand?

Design and quality has been extremely important to us, right from the concept and planning stages of the new Bentley. We moved from our founding Surry Hills location to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sydney’s CBD in 2013, and rebranded. We are now located at the business end of town. Everything we do and present is of a high standard from our food and wine to our interior design, right through to our business cards and napkin tags.

How did you settle on the design that was printed?

The theme that our design team was working to was “Classic…with an edge”. Our interior designer Pascale Gomes-McNabb created an interior space that muses on the inherited classic elements of the building then added some ‘edgy’ elements such as abstract scaffolding in black metal and custom made lighting to create a classic contemporary interior. The same was applied to the re-brand, graphic design and collateral, however it was important that everything complemented the interior design and didn’t clash with it. Our graphic designer, Felicity Coonan worked with a classic typeface for our new logo, and the contemporary edge comes in the detail you see in the cards such as the all-black front, the texture, the blind emboss and white foiling. Also, the quality was very important to us – we didn’t want a flimsy business card so Ange recommended a suitable paper stock (Natturno) and we mounted 2 x 300gsm stocks back-to-back. We love the result.

What was the best thing about working with Watermarx?

From the beginning, we got the sense that Ange was passionate about creating beautiful, quality products. She was very generous with her advice and was quick to reply to any of our queries and it was close to Christmas at the time, so a lot of pressure! Price is important of course, but overall our decision to work with Watermarx was based on all of those things collectively; price, the ability to deliver a quality product to complement our restaurant and good customer service.

How do you think design adds to the customer experience?

Design is extremely important and in each of our restaurants our design reflects mood and style. We offer dining experiences but we often say that we are in the business of entertainment. Yes, people come to our restaurants to eat and drink, but they also want to be entertained – by trying new dishes or ingredients that they can’t make at home, by trying new wines they wouldn’t normally have a chance to buy, by the ambience of the room, the music and the overall experience of escaping and being looked after for a few hours.

Bentley originally was a mainstay on the Surry Hills scene, you must have built up quite the creative clientele during that time being right in the heart of the Sydney design world, there. What is it now like at your new location?

After 7 fantastic years in Surry Hills, we felt it was time to ‘up the ante’ somewhat with the new Bentley. In 2012 we opened Monopole in Potts Point. There’s a very creative community there too and Monopole gave us the opportunity to play with a more relaxed concept. Moving to the CBD gave us an opportunity to refresh the Bentley brand and be closer to the business community where it also made sense to open for lunch as well as dinner. But not only for the business community, Sydney’s CBD has really come alive at night in recent years. There are some great bars, hotels and restaurants now located in the city and it has a completely different vibe after 6pm to what it had 10 years ago.

So now that the weather is warming and it’s time to emerge from winter hibernation and get into spring socialising, why not head into town to check out Bentley’s sophisticated new look?  Bon appetit!