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Embossing / Foil Stamping / Letterpress


kwdoggett christmas cardWe woof you a furry Christmas!

Last year, our loyal mates at KW Doggett invited us to print their 2015 Christmas card on their stock, Wild. Wild is an Italian-made paper that lends itself to embellishment, because of it’s high bulk, cotton fibres that reveal a sharp impression, and Doggetts wanted to showcase this capability. We used CLIQX to achieve the crisp, eye-catching letterpress result finishing the cards with a combination of blind embossing and foiling in the Doggetts signature purple.

The result was rather… fetching.

Doggett design is quite a tail

The design is fabulous, and you can read the story and the interview with designer, David Lancashire (who invented the original Doggetts logo 30-odd years ago) here.

From the Fetch blog:

Xmas-2015_1-620x360“Each pooch represents one of the Doggett’s that work in the business today. Ken (Director), John (Director), Simon (Managing Director), Nathan (National Sales Manager), Heath (Sales Manager, Victoria) and Catherine (National Marketing and Sustainability Manager) holding the star.

We used Wild for the card, a 35% cotton paper combining softness with strength, a luxurious feel and very high bulk. The 450gsm card is printed with a blind emboss and foil on the front, letterpress on the inside. The 150gsm envelope features a blind emboss of ‘poodle and fatty’ (more of our doggie branding). Embellishments and Wild go together like brandy sauce and Christmas pudding (cue tummy grumbling).”

We were all thrilled with the results and hoped that Doggett fans enjoyed receiving a unique card wishing them a “fleas” Navidad (don’t cringe… I’m still trying to figure out how to work “dachshund through the snow” in here!)

Over 30 years supporting Australian printing

It’s always a pleasure to work with this family business. KW Doggett are a leading indeendant fine paper merchant, and have a history of supporting fabulous print design. From students to veterans, Doggetts are committed to educating the industry about the possibilities of paper, supporting creativity and working with print shops (like ours) to promote other independent businesses and help the industry thrive. Their contribution to the industry over the decades has been pawsitively pawsome!