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The Very Least You Can Do This Christmas

Business Cards / Letterpress / Watermarx

writing_letter_1207December should be called the Month of Good Intentions. It begins with casually made plans to catch-up with people, to have all your work finished before the office closes, to have the gift wrapping done with weeks to spare and ends in frantic Christmas party-hopping, midnight shopping and work calls in the Santa photo lines at the shopping centre.

Sometimes even loftier good intentions add to the pangs of anxiety as we rush to stitch up the rapidly commencing year. Niggling guilt-trips about doing something special at this time of year for the people we know have had a rougher year than us… or even those we don’t know. Charitable ideas circulate that we never get around to, or we settle for hurried compromises like throwing a bag of old clothes into the clothing bin on the way to school carols.  Scheduling proper catch ups or phone calls with friends and family we won’t be seeing, but who are on our minds, becomes this impossible task deferred to the New Year.

Breathe. It’s normal. Christmas is mayhem for us here at Watermarx Graphics, too. We are crazy busy doing what we do best, printing your cards, invitations, personalised stationery and shipping it all off to you with love. We have been doing this for eight years now and have been very fortunate to see the entire spectrum of creative expression on paper and it’s taught us a thing or two about business, letterpress, creativity and hard work, but there’s one lesson that stands out among them all – there is nothing more moving than a simple, thoughtful and genuinely crafted gesture.

So, the very least you can do this Christmas – not to appease the guilts or as a compromise, but as a true act of kindness for those who are in your thoughts – is send the people you care about a note. Of course, we hope that it’s on our signature letterpressed stationery,  or is one of our fabulous blind-embossed cards but failing that, and in all sincerity, you could send it on the back of a napkin. Because the point is the ten minutes you take out of your life to put pen to paper and let someone know, at the end of the year and amid the madness, that you are wishing them well from wherever you are.

It barely costs you more than a postage stamp and a bit of your time, and need not be an essay (or one of those ambitious annual family newsletters). A few lines and your wishes for the season will more than suffice. But do it. Handwritten letters have the power to move people in unforgettable ways. They are usually just the thing.

Watermarx’s Christmas Card Etiquette Tips

  • Use your own handwriting to sign Christmas cards. It’s makes it personal and touching.
  • Include your return address on all cards so that the recipient will know who the card is from right away and gets excited before opening it (they might even savour it until they have a quiet moment to enjoy your note).
  • When sending Christmas cards to business associates, send it to their offices unless you also know them socially.
  • For cards to co-workers, mail the cards to their home address, if possible. It’s an extra bit of effort but will give greater value to your card instead of just handing it to them in the office. It also has a more traditional feel when your card arrives by post.


WATERMARX CHRISTMAS CLOSUREOur last trading day is Tuesday 23rd December 2014 and we will re open ready for 2015 on Monday 12th January