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Making a Hash(tag) of It | Letterpress in the 21st Century

Letterpress / Watermarx

letterpress @ symbol hashtagHere’s a quirky little story from the quirky world of letterpress.

According to The Wall St Journal, letterpress printers are running out of @ symbols and hashtags (#).   These characters were rarely used in the olden days but now their popularity has exploded as a result of their modern usage in social media. Letterpressers who hand-set type are scrambling to buy up these movable type symbols wherever they can find them, to meet the client demand to include twitter handles and hashtags in their business cards and invitations.

Their scarcity and the burden of this limited supply is such that the ones in regular use are being worn away! As Fastco Design reports, “ In a little more than a decade, these two symbols have gone from the wallflowers of the keyboard to the belles of the typesetter’s ball.”

Luckily for us, we don’t have to break a sweat over our dingbats, ampersands and wingdings. The constraints suffered by hand-setters aren’t a problem for Watermarx Graphics because we use the innovative CLIQX system. This modern technology keeps our printing fresh (and our characters current) as we use your digital files to create plates  – so we will never run out of hashtags!

Your artwork hits the press directly with a press of the keyboard # so everyone can update their Twitter to their hearts content.

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