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10 YEARS OF NESPRESSO & WATERMARX | A Caffeinated Love Story!

Embossing / Foil Stamping / Invitations

nespressoHere’s a joke for our trendy designer readers:

Q: How did the hipster burn his tongue?

A: He sippped his coffee before it was cool.

*boom tish*

Nepresso was pretty much always cool. The premium brand opened it’s first concept store in Australia, about 10 years ago in King Street, and has been steaming along ever since.The coffee pod phenomenon has been truly embraced here in Oz, and Nespresso has led that charge. They worked with us to create all kinds of premium printed magic from invitations to brochures and more.

From the beginning, Watermarx has been collaborating with the team to manage the majority of the printed marketing collateral needs of the brand. Since then, Nespresso has grown into an exciting empire, with the support of coffee-loving Aussies, and we are proud to have been part of their success story here in Australia. Watermarx has always prided itself on its dedication to quality and service and would like to thank the team at Nespresso for allowing us to be part of the magic over this past decade.

why-purchase-a-nespresso-machine-background“We’ve really enjoyed the journey,” says Ange O’Dea about the work that has been achieved between Watermarx and Nepresso Australia. “Thanks to the Nespresso team for having us on board managing your marketing printed material over the past decade, and an especially big thank you to our printing partners and paper merchants  who  helped us service this account for the past decade.  Although it’s time for us to focus on our embellishing business and new ventures with CLIQX    – we’ll still enjoy waking up to our ‘Number 9’ arpeggios!”

As you know, here at Watermarx we are a small team, but we pack quite a punch in terms of our skill and expertise. We are now focusing our heart and souls purely on what we do best, and what you have come to rely on us for, beautiful letterpress printing and high-quality specialty embellishments like embossing and foiling.