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Print Q&A | Talk to Al

Letterpress / Watermarx

alfawcett_watermarxThe printing industry is full of characters. Our head printer and co-founder, Al Fawcett, is one of them. He has been in the printing trade for longer than he (or we) care to remember, and brings with him a wealth of experience, wisdom and classic lines (“ Just because you have a Ferrari doesn’t mean you know how to drive” is a personal favourite.)

In this Q&A, we pick his brains on the printing game, letterpress and all things Watermarx.


First job in printing was?

I was Letterpress printer at Mockridge Bulmer and I was an apprentice with them.  – I was running the same machines that I am running today as a letterpress printer. From there printing industry moved to Lithographic printing – So I moved with the times. But have now found myself back at grass roots and carrying out the trade I was originally trained in.

Why did you decided to branch out on your own?

We had developed some pretty amazing technology (which later led us to CLIQX ) and we wanted to see if commercially it was viable. Well – it is and Watermarx is the proof of its success.

What do you love about the industry?

Loyal customers. Bringing someone’s design concept to life.

What do you love about letterpress?

It’s a real craft. I appreciate being able to tackle each job on its own merit. I like that we can make a living from a craft that was given its last rights more times than Dracula – Letterpress is impossible to kill.  It has a place in the market when a point of difference is required

What do you wish your clients knew?

An appreciation of timelines! Letterpress is not a matter of pushing a button like digital print!

Best advice anyone ever gave you about your work?

My Dad worked at Mockeridge Bulmer where I did my apprenticeship. He probably taught me more than any other printer. Although one piece of advice that I always remember was: “You are only as good as your last job.”

Favourite thing to do in your workshop?

Make happy customers

The big secret is…?

Customer service. Talk the job through with your client before you start! Make sure you understand the end-concept, and then help the customer to get there.



Please note – Watermarx will close for the Christmas  / New year break from 20th December until Thursday 9th January. To ensure your jobs are completed before the Christmas break – please place orders by Wednesday 11th December.