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Screen Printer, The Picky Meshman, Drops Into Watermarx

Business Cards / Watermarx


Our friend, Paul Nolan, was in town last week and popped by our factory in Brookvale to say hello.

alfawcett_paulnolan_pickymeshamnWe got to know Paul when he won the competition we ran last year to launch our new website, and we printed the business cards he designed. Apart from being a very talented typographer, Paul has recently launched a new printing venture with his brother, in Brisbane.

The Picky Meshman is a celebration of Paul’s (“Picky”) obsession with serigraphy, otherwise known as screen printing, a process that involves the transfer of an image through a mesh screen using stencils to block out the desired image or pattern.

‘I have always had a strong interest in serigraphy,” says Picky. ‘Over the years tried to utilise screen print and letterpress into my commercial projects, including when working in mainstream studios…Ultimately I decided to establish the workshop because it is impossible  to find anyone with the skills and knowledge to print my work, particularly on stocks.’

He believes that screen-printing is an incredibly flexible way to print but the number of high-quality screen printers has dwindled drastically.

“I am looking to position The Picky Meshman as a custom screen printing facility,’ he says. ‘We’ll be printing stocks, fabrics and anything else as it arises –  old-school style with an emphasis on quality and craft!’

Paul’s enthusiasm for the business is infectious and they are already doing some pretty amazing work. He and his brother, Arty, have dubbed themselves “champions of the dead art” and we’re pleased to hear it. Any die-hard fan of ink and paper, is a firm friend of ours.

Check out The Picky Meshman online at 

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