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Shiny Happy People! (We *love* foil stamping)

Foil Stamping / Watermarx


We’ve put on our tin foil hats this week to talk foiling because we’re sure we aren’t the only ones who have noticed that things are getting decidedly tinsel-y around here.

If you’re going to start blinging up your graphic design with foil stamping (and we certainly suggest that you do) there are a few tricks and tips we would love share with you before you begin.


Tips & Tricks for Designing With Foil


Not all paper like foils.

It’s sad but true that not all paper is as fond of foil stamping as we are, so choose your stock carefully. Some (not all!) textured papers can crack under the pressure of foiling, and occasionally the foil can “pick” in the hills and valleys of the paper surface. Printers overcome this by applying extra pressure, but this may cause an impression on the reverse side, which you or your client might not be ok with.  As always, it’s a case by case thing.  If you have selected a particular stock for a design you are planning to foil, the best thing you can do is give us a call at Watermarx and talk it over before you get designing, so we can figure out your options together.


Some paper just loves foil.

When it comes to paper that just loves foil stamping, the heavier the stock, the better. Heavier stocks can take the pressure of being stamped. Because most foils are opaque and smooth, choosing a darker coloured paper creates a great contrast and visual impact. Pastel foils on light colour papers can create lovely subtle effects, too.


Pro Foiling Tip

The major foil suppliers in Australia are Milford Astor, Kurz and API, and they supply a huge range of colours and specialty foils. But, if there is a particular PMS colour you need to match you can always print a colour and foil clear over it, which can give some very snazzy results.


Trending: #Rose Gold Foil

The romance, the femininity and the something-new-at-last! factor of the beautiful rose gold trend, is seeing it swirled across wedding and engagement invitations, and booming in the cosmetics/fragrance packaging world.  


Trending: #Classic Still Packs a Punch

Just like this Katy Perry design we foiled for Tim at Designed Biaccident (pictured), classic is eternally classy. Traditional gold or silver foil stamping is still our most popular and it still always looks so good. For a lot of luxury without breaking the budget, you can hardly go wrong with a good old-fashioned foil!