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TIS THE SEASON TO START PLANNING – Foiled Invitations for the Festive Season

Die Cutting / Foil Stamping / Invitations

Someone mentioned on the weekend that it’s ten weeks until Christmas. Yep, did you just give yourself whiplash turning your head to check the calendar? That’s right folks, the silly season is just around the corner which means if you have a work Christmas party, client Christmas cards, New Year’s Eve function or any other frivolous festivity to organise, you days are numbered.

But relax, Watermarx are here to help you with all the best ideas for your snazzy printing. If you want an event invitation that will blow their minds or a card that will live on their desk for all of 2013, take note of some of these great embellishment ideas to catch their eyes –



For a glitzy, classy stock you can’t get more bling for your buck than metallic stocks. Luxury brands are big fans of the metallic stock look, which can be as out there or restrained as you wish. For an invitation like no other, white foil has a very unique appearance but try your brand colour or some Christmas cheer for a truly tinsel-y effect.


This is for those truly seeking another dimension of pizzazz. This multifaceted foil just pops from a black background and makes a dazzling impression. Perfect for New Year’s Eve party invite, a nightclub or venue promotion that needs to stand apart from the crowd or event to embellish branded packaging for gifts. Sometimes a subtle whisper is fine, but we don’t need to tell you it’s always more fun (and festive) to roar – Season’s Greetings!


If you’re looking for something homely, quirky or just a bit special, you will impress your clients with your green credentials when you choose a recycled board. The craft board foiled with green or red works wonderfully for Christmas cards or for something completely different, we can die cut shapes so you can gift sets of gift tags or tree decorations.


Watermarx Graphics worked closely with Milford Astor  Foils to develop the designers guide to foiling. This swatch book will help you select what best suits your designs and get you on your way to foiling with flair.  Contact us today on to request one for your studio!

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