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A Luxe Look | Premium Specialty Printing will make your invitation

Embossing / Foil Stamping / Gilding / Invitations / Letterpress / Wedding Invitations

copperGreat events need a great invite. It sets the tone, the theme and is a way of treating guests to a deliciously tactile taste of things to come. High-quality corporate invitations that look and feel fantastic become an unspoken conversation that can be emotional, exciting and touching… when done well. Who doesn’t want their guests to feel special?

As the party season approaches, we get busy printing PR and corporate event invitations that not only invite people to events but also invite people to “pick me up and play with me!”


Hot features to create great invitations to guarantee an RSVP


Edge gilding

This trend just keeps getting cooler. Designers love Watermarx Graphic’s latest embellishment capability – edge gilding (or edge colouring). Use shiny metallics or pop contrast colours, life on the edge has never been so inviting.


Never out of style, letterpressed invitations are the height of elegance and are a treat to touch. Give guests the pleasure of running their finger along their names punched into the paper well in advance of the event, just imagining themselves walking into the do! Trust me, everyone does it.

Embossing (or debossing)

Do embellishment like a boss. Embossing or debossing kicks your invitation up the food chain amongst the glamorous, regal and very height of style. Emboss the whole thing, or just pick out parts of the design that need a lift. Just like letterpress printing, it stamps your stock with class.

Foil stamping

Nothing says party like the shimmer of bling! Highlight your design with beautiful metallic foils. Try elegant white or black on the same colour stock for a subtle effect, or choose a plain stock and spangle it up to the nines with a fun theme colour like raspberry pink, apple green or copper.


When you work with a specialty printer like us, you can be sure that from the moment they catch a glimpse of the fanciness when they slip it out of the envelope, right through, create an invitation that is a pleasure to receive and a delight to RSVP to. The rest of the party is up to you.

Need more ideas on how to impress your guests with specialty printing? Call Watermarx Graphics today!