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Blind Ambition | Blind Embossed Stickers & Seals

Debossing / Embossing / Invitations / Wedding Invitations

blind-emboss-labelBlind embossing (no printing, the design is just embossed or debossed straight onto the stock) is a trend that has stormed our workshop these last few years. We love it because it’s a design style that packs some serious visual punch by virtue of being so clean and sophisticated, and in practical reality it’s economical elegance. It’s a fabulous way to showcase a beautiful stock, or to let brand colours, shapes, lines and words simply stand alone. This quiet, no fuss approach really catches the eye in a world filled with cluttered design.

Lately, though, we have been having a ball with a few jobs that have required blind embossed sticker seals or company labels. Stickers are a super versatile way to brand everything from wedding invitation envelopes (think; classic monograms or cute symbols) to corporate stationery or home business branding. For smaller companies, it’s a flexible, cost-saving and environmental option.

With stickers, the options are limitless! Dr. Philippa McCaffery, founder and medical director of Clearskincare  (check out her skin care range) came to Watermarx Graphics to work with us on these labels (pictured). Her hobby is making hand-blown candles and the labels we blind embossed for her on foil stock are to go onto her candles.


Tips for incorporating blind embossing into your stickers and labels

  • Even though blind embossing adds 3D dimension to your designs, it can make type and images appear slight;y smaller than normal printing would.  Adjust any type that you wish to emboss a few points larger than usual and make thicken any graphics slightly to make them “fatter” than you normally would.
  • Select a thick stock to reveal greater depth and detail. Chat to us about our adhesive stock options.
  • For ideas on what to emboss, think about logos, monograms, motifs or design elements.
  • Need to choose a complimentary envelope? We can help you develop your stationery suite with custom-made matching stock envelopes, or high quality pre-made options.