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Interview with Adam N. Moses from ANM Design

Die Cutting / Embossing / Foil Stamping / Invitations / Letterpress / Wedding Invitations

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We printed this amazing invitation for Adam N. Moses of ANM Design earlier this year. The best part about this job was working with Adam early in the conception stage, so that we could consult on how to pull together his idea in the best possible way. We talked through the possibilities together and the result is a very classy design and a lovely job overall!

Check out the design here:

We talked to Adam about the process of designing and printing this job, for his take on how the magic came together.

“My client for this project was my sister and this project was my wedding gift to her and her husband. We initially discussed what was required and then she gave me complete creative control of the project, only giving me the content that was required. I wanted to create something special for them so I went all out with this one. I could have cut corners here or there, but after meeting with Watermarx, I knew we could produce something really special.

I spoke with Ange from Watermarx and briefly discussed my project and asked to visit her in the office to go through what I was after. I had some rough ideas of what I wanted but it was when I met with Ange that we cemented the ideas. I had already designed the pattern and graphic for the invitation prior to meeting with Ange, and she was able to guide me in the best was to execute my design. It only took one brief meeting to turn all my ideas into the printed project.

When it comes to bespoke projects, Watermarx are who I turn to. Their knowledge of stocks, processes, timing and capabilities are why I use them. Most other printers would consider me a headache and become frustrated over my requirements and attention to detail. Watermarx on the other hand, understand and appreciate the level detail required for award winning projects. Watermarx also pointed me in the right direction in terms of calligrapher for the invitation. I used Julie Williams from Inkspiration.”



Invite and RSVP:  

  • Letterpress printed back sheet (Gmund Cotton)
  • Foil stamped and embossed front sheet (Cambric Linen Blue)
  • Mounted back to back and die cut to circle


  • Blind emboss and die cut (300 Gmund Cotton)

Sealing sticker:

  • Gold foil, blind emboss and die c