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Looking into the Crystal Ball for Books

Debossing / Embossing / Foil Stamping / Letterpress

Copyright: Coffey ArchitectsThe wonderful Intelligent Life magazine ran a feature on their website this week asking leading British design agencies to reimagine bookshops, future-proofed against online competitors like the juggernaut that is Amazon.

Coffey Architects responded by looking 50 years into the future, to a world where books are truly digitised. But for founder, Phil Coffey, this will only serve to ensure “the cult of the book as a beautiful object.”  His team named their futuristic bookstore Craftword and paint just the kind of beautiful space that lovers of design, storytelling and print would long to spend their days.

“…It’s the antithesis of an e-book emporium: niche, retro, social, inky, bibulous, but with only a few books to buy off the shelf. The idea is that you make your own, with the help of floating robots—choosing the paper, ink, font, leather, even gold leaf—on antique presses and binders…. You’d do it to enjoy the pleasures e-books will have ceased to offer: the smell and feel of ink and paper, the heft of a hardback in your hands, a cover that’s a work of art. And the edition you take home would be unique.”

Luckily, there’s no need for us to wait until we’re old and decrepit to enjoy this fantasy because we’ve always known the pleasures of print. We work with it every day! Our clients are also in on the secret and work with us to craft tactile keepsakes that are letterpressed, embossed, debossed and foiled for that in-the-hand, sensory magic that the web just can’t compete with.

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