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We’re LOVING Foil Edge Gilding

Foil Stamping / Gilding / Invitations / Letterpress / Watermarx / Wedding Invitations

We have been busy getting gold on our hands here at Watermarx, with our clients showing a sudden flurry of enthusiasm for edge gilding on their high-end jobs. Lot’s of finery and fun!

Gilding is an embellishment we offer our clients as a value-add for their jobs and it works across a huge spectrum of pieces, for all different purposes. The shimmery foil edge gives a piece personality and something a bit special. It’s an ancient technique used even way back by the pharaohs, to suggest a hint of luxury. It will upgrade the whole look and feel of the job, and we joke that it’s a champagne upgrade for those on a beer budget.

goldWe will gild (almost) anything starting from business cards, to A6 sizes and above, to add that extra va-va-voom! First, we prepare our sheets to be sure that the edges are ultra-smooth and dust-free, then we apply a thin layer of foil along the edge of the stacked, cut pieces and file it back. That’s why you can’t have colour bleed off the edge, because the print quality can be scuffed or made furry after we sand the gilding back to finish.

If you’re looking for a little je ne sais quoi for your next job, chat to us about this special feature, and be sure to read our tips below to help you best design the glam factor of gilding, in the most cost-effective way.


Tips for incorporating foil edge gilding into your job

  • Use a border/margin: when combining edge gildng and digital print, don’t have the colour bleed off the edge
  • Select a coloured stock: gilding works best on coloured paper but it can also make a beautiful impact on plain white stock (and elegantly dress up a simple look)
  • Be creative with your colour choices: gold and silver are perennial favourites, but we have seen some gorgeous pop pink and neons used
  • Upgrade the look of a cheap job: if using a thick, economical box board and we can over edge gild to instantly make the piece look premium


Shakespeare is often attributed with popularising the phrase “don’t gild the lily”, which means to add or embellish something that is already naturally beautiful. In this case, though, we have found that edge gilding can transform a simple job that is lacking a distinction, and inexpensively take the whole piece to a new level, giving it a much more premium look and feel.

In big news across the ditch, the first David Jones store opened in Wellington, New Zealand a week and a half ago, and we had a lot of fun helping produce the invitations for their launch event. The touch of gold must have brought good luck because the New Zealand media keep reporting record sales!

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