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New Tech Patented for Award Winning Printing | WATERMARX EXCLUSIVE

Debossing / Embossing


cue_watermarxWith numerous gold silver and bronze awards under our belt we are proud to announce that the technology that we have used to produce much of our award winning print work, is now officially patent protected.

We owe the crispness of our embossing and debossing, as well as the ability to achieve fine, clean lines and complex sculptural embossing, to this newly patented system.

This job (pictured) was recently printed by us for the Australian fashion label, CUE, on Ispira black by Spicers and blind embossed using this wonderful technology. The beauty of the job is the simplicity of the concept; a luxe stock embossed with a unique design. It’s a visually striking approach to print and our clients have found again and again, a cost-effective way to do something completely original and interesting.

Embellishment-driven design concepts are really satisfying for designers, always deliver great results (case in point with the CUE gift voucher piece) and, we have found, catch the eye of print awards judges, to boot!

Currently, the results we achieve with this technology are unique to Watermarx Graphics, because we are the only printer in NSW using this system. That said, we are trying to work out the best way to bring this technology to market so that other printers can offer their clients the great results we have achieved with it …So, watch this space!