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Playing with shadows & depth | Blind Embossing

Debossing / Embossing

Cliqx-Blind-embossed-crestBlind debossing or embossing is the unsung hero of subtle, elegant design. It is a stripped away look, where the design pressed in (or popped out) of the paper without using foil or ink to highlight it. The effect is most obvious with plain, beautiful quality paper.

The interplay of highlights and cast shadows creates a sculptural effect and really lets the stock sing without distraction.

We have been playing with the sculptural possibilities of blind embossing and our technology (CLIQX) here at the Watermarx Graphics “lab” with some amazing results. Our favourite designs tend to use a thick, white cotton card stock, for the airy minimalism and beauty of simplicity.


Our stock suggestions for an amazing blind emboss effect include:

Did you know?

You can even emboss metallic stocks! The piece in this picture (below) is actually an embossed sheet of aluminium. Be daring! Don’t feel shy about running your wild ideas by us. Ask us what you have in mind and we can advise if it’s possible emboss on a particular stock or substrate.


Tips for blind embossing

  • Use stocks that have “give” to avoid cracking and to achieve a nice deep impression
  • Blind embossing works wonderfully on greeting cards, personal or business stationery and business cards
  • It looks great on adhesive stocks or labels! A blind emboss will help the label “pop” and catch attention on the shelf