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Put A (letterpress or embossed) Label On It

Embossing / Letterpress

More and more, designers are thinking creatively about labels. With Australia’s wine industry booming and a growing, boutique local industry for organic skin care and food products, packaging briefs abound.

Over the years designers have approached us to talk about the possibilities of labeling – how to make their designs more special, how they can use embellishment to send powerful messages that achieve cut-through with the consumer so that the product the label is on makes it off the supermarket shelf and into the shopping basket.

We have always been interested in embossed labelling and now with CLIQX technology, it has never been easier. More than just a stationery art form, letterpress is enjoying a resurgence in the world of labelling too. Letterpress printing a small carbon footprint , so it works well for brands who are trying to send an eco-friendly message. It also has a beautiful, rustic look and feel which suits brands with a bit of a history behind them or organic feel about them. It effectively conveys authenticity, legacy and tradition – which are all very compelling messages for different businesses in a range of industries.

Also, keep your fingers crossed for our Watermarx CLIQX job in the Printovation awards this evening, hosted by GASAA.

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