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Embossing / Foil Stamping / Letterpress / Watermarx

Last Monday night we were invited to the Australian Museum for a talk given to AGDA members by Damian Borchok, CEO of Interbrand Australia and NZ on ‘How To Run A Successful Branding Studio’ the very question that haunts most of you ever-active, creative minds.

We were there as guests of the papermerchants, the BJ Ball Group and AGDA who sponsored the night. BJ Ball launched a cleverly (Interbrand) designed sample swatch kit in the style of the AGDAnew relaunch. Much to our great pleasure, the lovely Anita invited us to collaborate with ADGA /BJ Ball on this project and we printed the swatches giving us the opportunity to showcase how these stocks can be brought to life with various printing techniques.


  • We had the chance to treat the BJ Ball ‘Onyx Embossed 300gsm’ with a ‘true emboss’ (for those of you who don’t know, a true emboss is created with a male and female plate rather than just letterpressed for the impression. This gives deeper dimension… yes, it does sound rude but trust us, it’s lovely.)
  • We used fluoro ink (hot pink) to letterpress and emboss the ‘Cyclus Offset 350gsm’ showcasing what can be achieved with a recycled stock.
  • We also enjoyed letterpressing the ‘Boxboard Pasted 600gsm’ because chunkier, weightier stocks are in vogue at the moment and we love that this stock gives an authentic, crafty or rustic feel, and is an incredibly economical option.

RECYCLED IS THE NEW UNCOATED: Likewise, most designers would overlook ‘Ecostar Uncoated 350gsm’ so it was fun to emboss this swingtag to show off the possibilities of this humble stock, which took to our emboss very well

WERID IS THE NEW WONDERFUL: ‘Plike black 330gsm’ is notoriously tricky to work with but has the most beautiful, velvety texture which seems to lap up foiling.

THANKS TO EVERYONE – Including that nice young man who commented on our new website!

It was a treat to mix it up with the NSW AGDA members and our industry peers including Southern Colour and Konica Minolta. It was a great night and very well done.

Many thanks to Anita from AGDA (who tirelessly strung almost every swatch book together herself, we heard) for bringing us on-board. Big thanks also to BJ Ball whose papers were an honour to play with.

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