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Debossing / Die Cutting / Embossing / Foil Stamping

Watermarx Graphics spoke at the Lithographic Institute of Australia, yesterday  . The NSW branch invited us along with AGDA’s Glen Barry, Jean Kropper from Paper and Pixel and  Justus Magazine, for an evening dedicated to the topic ‘EmbellishmentAdding value to Print’.

LIA put the night on in response to what they have dubbed ‘an embellishment revival’ and wanted us to help other printers understand how they can take advantage of this surge of interest in speciality printing and capitalise on the interest in embossing, debossing and foiling. LIA told Nick Blendel from Proprint  “This enhancement is often driven by graphic designers and print originators, who, in this era of digital print, are willing to pay for the additional value of the ‘handcrafted’ printed item.”

Al was able to offer his insights into what he has witnessed in the industry coming from letterpress to litho, then digital and now turning back again as designers and society in general are placing a higher value on the handmade rather than the mass made and how the demand for print these days is to “add value” to printed products. We were excited to talk to the crowd about how CLIQX helped us tackle embossing, how we have perfected its use and how we are now making it available for the greater printing community to embrace – so they too can add value to print via CLIQX.

Glen commented on how both the design community and the print community should work together to incorporate more embellishment into the finished printed product. He said that the drive for mass-produced printed material for the cheapest price will inevitably drive print offshore. He urged the graphic design and printing community to work togetherto ensure the survival of print in Australia by adding value to print locally.

We printed the menus and treated everyone to a print industry relic you can watch here –

CLIQX is a solution which offers modern technology combined with old techniques. It adds value to the finished printed product. Talk to us today if you’re a printer looking to embellish your bottom line (boom tish!)


Photo via Justus Magazine