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Entwined & Enveloped in You

Debossing / Embossing / Invitations / Watermarx

TWINEDon’t forget the finishing touches! To overlook the details could be a  print project’s unravelling.

Envelopes are so often not though of early enough, which is a shame when there are so many exciting possibilities when you start thinking about them creatively.

Northern Tags are an Australian company who make the most wonderful range of envelopes which we love to emboss for our clients. Available in a stack of fabuous colours and sizes.

Embossing envelopes is a value-add embellishment that just people away. A lovely design feature is to deboss or emboss an all-over pattern on the flap of an envelope, to carry through a theme or motif. Or emboss an elegant coat of arms, insignia or family crest for formal occassions like  an engagement or a wedding. Another great idea is to emboss a message  on the envelope flap can be a personal gesture that sets the tone for the whole experience, making the receiver feel special or persnonally involved in the occassion before they have even read the details. These touchpoints of communication set the whole tone for the experience you wish your printed piece, be it an invitation, thank you or Christmas card, to convey. Trust us, it’s your opportunity to do something unforgettable that really gets people talking.

And, to bling-up your wrapping, packaging or envelope seals, you can’t go past The Twinery for their divine twine. Candy-striped or shimmery, this 100% cotton baker’s twine is blissfully retro and available in every colour of the rainbow. (This twine is also great for gift tags, so keep it in mind for Christmas.)

Don’t forget kraft stock, in all your excitement. Afterall, this winning combo is endorsed by the classic movie, The Sound of Music (“Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of our favourite things!”)  Letterpress is also perfectly paired with this quaint twine and economical kraft paper or envelopes, for a touching dose of nostalgia that nobody can resist.

It’s these sweet touches that really make a print job special and these envelope ideas should help you dream up all the details of your next incredible print job. If you’re still scratching your head, talk to Ange or Al here at Watermarx Graphics… we’ve got plenty more ideas for you!