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TEXTURED STOCK | We are now texturing digital paper!

CLIQX / Debossing / Embossing

Watermarx has just expanded our capabilities to offer you the option to have us create textured stock for you.

If you are looking for a specialty digital stock, then it’s slim pickings on the market right now. There are not many high-quality papers available with specialty features. So. why not consider having us texture a stock for you?

We select from plain stock and apply a fine embossed texture over the whole page, and…voila! A bespoke specialty stock for digital printing.

We can texture before or after printing, so we can even add it to a job you think needs a little more oomph! The featured image in the top right is a recent job we emboss on polypropylene sheets, which creates a very high-definition profile. Texturing on digital paper is not as sharp, but it does add a very lovely, subtle effect to the stock. Try it!

Textures papers can be a creative element of a print piece that elevates it and sets it apart.  It is definitely a powerful way to communicate premium quality. Nothing says “high end” like a lushly textured pattern that makes you want to run your hand over the surface, luxuriating in the touch. We see it used beautifully for exciting invitations and luxury brand stationery.

We are building our library of textures, which is very exciting, but we are currently offering these patterns (and our clients are having a lot of fun with them!)

Emboss textures now on offer from Watermarx Graphics:

  • Fine lines
  • Laid
  • Vellum
  • Linen

We can custom texture as well – talk to us about your job, and together we can come up with something that fits the spec and brings a little tactile magic to it.

Or, if it’s an old fashioned emboss you are after,  we have always been able to emboss a high-profile texture onto paper card and polypropylene for a WOW effect.

So, next time you call, ask us about our every-expanding textures library, or how we can emboss your next job. We’re experimenting all the time here at the lab. More on this coming soon!