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Val Morgan invite by Tim Craw

Vintage pizazz has never been hotter with Gatsby-fever seizing the print and paper world.

Inspired by the Baz Lurhmann film remake (released this year) of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel which defined the “Jazz Age” forever, this trend has been revived throughout the design world and we’re seeing it fly through our presses for wedding, event and party invitations. Classic Art Deco geometrics and typefaces are glimmering with all the lustre of the roaring 1920’s, foiled, debossed, embossed and laser-cut in all the radiant splendour of that eternally modern era.

This gorgeous, gold foiled number (pictured) was designed by Tim Craw from Design Biaccident.

Even publishing house, Penguin, has jumped onto the trend, launching a special release of Fitzgerald’s five generation-defining novels; The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, This Side of Paradise, The Last Tycoon and The Beautiful and Damned as well as his short-story collection Flappers and Philosophers, in lovely hardback. These sumptuous new editions are all beautifully designed with distinctive Art Deco patterning on elegant foil jackets, and come with a matching bookmark.

Jay Gatsby had a way of embellishing the truth, so why not embellish your designs?  Glitzy additions can take a simple piece to the next level. Edge colouring, foiled envelope flaps, mounting, letterpressed all-over patterning and more are all part of this striking trend. Here are  some tips to Art Deco-rate.


Oh, the fun we’ll have, old sport!  Or, how to create the perfect Art Deco look:

  • For the ultimate in Deco Decadence apply the timeless Art Deco palette: black, gold and ivory
  • The Jazz Age was mad for metallics! Stocks were high until the Wall Street crash of 1929, and so were the rich… on spending. Get that gold rush by foil stamping chevron geometric borders.
  • Shapely legs were out for the first time, as the flappers’ hems inched higher up their thighs. Die-cutting bold, flowering curves to give envelopes and cards a unique look harks back to an era where stationery was personalised, plush and pretty. Dance cards hanging off slender wrists at parties, scented love-letters, place cards, invitations and imposing stockbroker business cards, arched frames to mimic the Chrysler building  and capture this moment in time that was dedicated to the good life.
  • Letterpress loves Deco fonts.  The artistic style has had a huge impact on typography (Broadway and Peignot are typefaces we see all the time) so, experiment a little with these towering typefaces.
  • The much-derided sunburst motif has lost its appeal in modern design, but an embossed or debossed art deco badge still looks as exciting and chic as ever. The “rays” extend with all the possibility of modernity and look fabulous foiled or embossed.
  • Indulge in luxurious stocks with a touch of shimmer. High quality paperie embodies the impossible chic of this trend.