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Braille Embossing | Doesn’t Have to be a Bumpy Ride

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embossing-braille-with-cliqx-at-watermarxBraille is not new but the tools and legalities around braille embossing have evolved in an exciting direction, but it’s exciting to share with you that Watermarx Graphics has the technology!

A language of raised dots that was designed to help blind or partially blind people read, Braille was invented almost 200 years ago. Louis Braille created the system inspired by a military “night writing” code, in France in 1821. He had been blind since he was three. It is read by running fingertips over each character which represent letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks.

In recent years the EU has mandated the inclusion of standardised braille on the packaging of pharmaceuticals, but the trend is spreading across the world. Have you noticed the increasing commonality of braille on household chemical products, CD covers, medicines, food packaging and signage, as well as countless random other things? This is not due to regulation, here in Australia, but the manufacturers’ sense of social responsibility to make their products more accessible to the visually impaired. It’s possible, though, that in the very near future, regulatory bodies here will follow the Europeans, and make braille compulsory on some things allowing more equal opportunity for the visually impaired.

At Watermarx Graphics we work with a quick and inexpensive method of embossing that has achieved excellent Braille results for our clients. This means that we can help you can include Braille on your packaging and other specialty printing.  For more information, get in touch! We would love to chat to you about including Braille embossing in your next packaging job.

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